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remote productions

Even when it’s impossible (or just suboptimal) to send out our crews to film, we still get the goods - be it for an online event, documentary or product film.

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The show must go on...

Avatar - Emma.png

Words by Emma, Senior Producer/Editor

In June 2020 the Wimbledon Championships were cancelled, and with them any prospect of in-person filming. But that didn’t stop the All England Lawn Tennis Club, IBM or CiK from making a film celebrating the 30 year partnership between Wimbledon and IBM.

We sent filming kits to contributors ahead of remote interviews, and stitched their soundbites together with carefully curated clips from the Wimbledon archives. We depicted how, together, they were planning ‘The Greatest Championships’; a virtual, interactive tournament to engage tennis fans during the empty Wimbledon fortnight.

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A global shoot with 0 air miles

Avatar - Alan.png

Words by Alan, Managing Director

Shipping is one of the oldest and most vital industries in the world, but the way it operates hasn’t meaningfully changed in centuries. So when an initiative happens that brings the major operators together and transforms the way that they do business it’s a tale worth telling.

However, due to the pandemic, we were unable to send our production team to the leaders behind the initiative. So we sourced local crews and hooked up to the shoots remotely, so we were able to frame the shots and conduct the interviews ourselves. The result was an uplift in production quality and editorial control, meaning the film feels unified and consistent, despite our team never being on location.

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US panel x Korean client

Avatar - Rob.png

Words by Rob, Executive Creative Director

We helped Samsung’s Bioepis team (based in South Korea) to create a livestream panel discussion between 5 biosimilars experts (based on the other side of the planet).

From tech set-up with the panellists, to designing a fully branded event with slick transitions, we ran a smooth production from start-to-finish, adding interactive elements to ensure high levels of audience engagement. Samsung could just sit back and enjoy the show (and the plaudits, when they rolled in from viewers).

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