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We excel at covering live events (in full or as highlights) and at creating livestreamed video events for audiences across the globe. Our planning, attention to detail and technical expertise means your audience will be wowed by your event.

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rio tinto


All night long!

Avatar - Rob.png

Words by Rob, Executive Creative Director

When Aitch announced a secret hometown show in Manchester for McDonald’s customers, Ready10 asked us to shoot and edit a highlights video for delivery early the following morning.

Our multi camera setup and remote collaboration tools allowed us to capture, cut, grade, add graphics and mix a fun and energetic film (plus plenty of extra deliverables), working through the night on and off-location.

Aitch was able to post the clip to his 2 million+ Insta followers the next day, to coincide with the launch of MyMcdonald’s Rewards. McMission accomplished.

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A virtual Gardeners’ World

Avatar - Trey.png

Words by Trey, Creative Director

Every year Investec throws an extravagant summer garden party for their clients on the grounds of one of the UK’s most beautiful gardens. But what happens when Lockdown hits and parties (well, most of them!) are a no go?

CiK brought the gardens to the clients.
Within a week, I shot on the ground and in the air with Scott & Holly around two of the most stunning gardens in Scotland and England to create two long form episodes of Investec’s Garden Tours presented by BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Joe Swift. Each episode was a stunning look at the gardens and their history through the eyes of their owners, complete with beautifully animated watercolour maps, as well as a fully immersive 360 degree virtual walking tour zof the garden that you could experience via VR headsets or your phone. A summer garden party right in your own home - gin & tonic optional!

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rio tinto

Mining for impact

Avatar - Alan.png

Words by Alan, Managing Director

Rio Tinto operates on every continent on the planet, so encapsulating their work and people in just a few minutes for the launch video of their AGM is an epic task. As their lead video agency overseeing the production, we briefed production teams across the globe, from Australia and Japan to Mongolia and Switzerland with our precise requirements so that everything would be on message, on brand and feel true to their values, no matter what the location.

We then tied the multilingual footage together with bespoke motion graphics to tell a coherent and inspiring story that set the tone not just for their event, but also for their year ahead.

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