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Corporate doesn’t need to be a dirty word. We bring the same enthusiasm, creativity and rigour to our b2b, internal and stakeholder films as we do to our marketing projects.

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History, people & culture

When you’re pitching to new clients, what’s truly special about your business can’t usually be conveyed in a presentation deck, brochure or website. Who are the people, what’s the story behind the business, what is the company culture and the mindset? Investec UK asked us to make a film that captures exactly that.

Our crew converted one of their disused kitchens into a film studio to record intimate, cinematic interviews. We then travelled the country to seek out their best clients, while hunting down archive footage from 1970s South Africa. This all combined to create a powerful epic that reflects Investec’s scale, spirit and proposition in a way their competitors can’t match.

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mettler toledo

A world of opportunities

Is the world aware of the impact your products have on it? In the case of Mettler Toledo and their class-leading weighing equipment, the answer is a likely ‘no’. So they asked us to create a film that would bring their new brand positioning to life for global audiences, requesting an inspiring and uplifting representation of how they ‘empower a world of opportunities’.

Filmed in their Swiss HQ, we filmed their people and products, integrating their real-world impact into the shots using motion graphics and compositing techniques. And for maximum impact, we added a bespoke cinematic score and evocative sound design into the mix.

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MyRewards launch

Who better to rev up your workforce ahead of a huge product launch than Rylan and Vicky Pattinson?

Over the course of half a day we filmed around 20 short motivational videos supporting the launch of McDonald’s’ first ever reward scheme, ensuring that staff were energised, informed and lovin’ this key initiative.

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