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Corporate doesn’t need to be a dirty word. We bring the same enthusiasm, creativity and rigour to our b2b, internal and stakeholder films as we do to our marketing projects.

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What if you could live to 120?

Avatar - Emma.png

Words by Emma, Senior Producer/Editor

That was the question posed by Barclays to launch their new Private Bank, targeting high-net worth clients. A premium banking product required a premium film, so our microdoc features interviews with thought leaders around the globe, high-end CGI, and a thought-provoking glimpse into a future where people routinely live beyond 100.

This video was the opener for the ‘Beyond’ series for Barclays Private Bank, covering cutting-edge tech topics such as self-driving cars and intelligent artificial limbs. The series was benchmarked as best-in-class by the client.

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A rebrand to shout about!

Avatar - Trey.png

Words by Trey, Creative Director

What’s in a name? Well, that was one question to the awesome people at Equals, as well as a whole bunch of others about the company and themselves.

Equals had rebranded themselves and revamped their product offering. So it was time for the people of Equals to shout about it. Or rather, to share their genuine, unfiltered thoughts with myself, Rob and Holly across one day in a single location (cleverly dressed to look like loads).

We pride ourselves in creating a relaxed atmosphere on set for our interviews - where even the most ‘media un-trained’ person can feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts on camera and (gasp) even have a good time while doing it!

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... in 60 seconds

Avatar - Rob.png

Words by Rob, Executive Creative Director

Paladin is a platform that facilitates the transition to Electric Vehicles through insights, compliance and guidance for businesses. Paladin’s customer base is vast, spanning multiple sectors and industries, globally.

We created this ‘Paladin in 60 seconds’ video to communicate in a short, sharp yet emotive way who, how and where Paladin can help. The film was created entirely from stock footage so the challenge was to source imagery that felt inspiring and would direct customers to move into the future with Paladin.

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