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We start with a killer insight, then create the perfect format to knock-out your audience. We love working directly with our clients or collaborating as part of an agency mix.

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scarlet page
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1 hour to shoot? No problem!

Avatar - Alan.png

Words by Alan, Managing Director

McDonald’s love to launch new products and initiatives with celebs around the UK, and CiK are often invited along to capture the fun by their PR agency, Red.

To mark 5 years of McDelivery we hooked up with Big Zuu, who told us all about the celebrations. We typically get a very short window in which to film the talent, but with smart planning and a super-sharp crew, we always get the goods. McFlurries all round!.

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scarlet page

Artist micro doc

Avatar - Emma.png

Words by Emma, Senior Producer/Editor

In making this film about the music photographer Scarlet Page, we wanted to find a way to present her most iconic photographs in a fresh and exciting way that harnessed our video post-production skills. So, for a few of her most famous images, rather than just including them as flat photographs, we used a technique to render them 3D, allowing us to pan around the faces of Liam Gallagher and Keith Richards, amongst others. What works so well about the effect is that it pulls the viewer into the moment that’s been captured.

In addition, much of Scarlet’s back catalogue was shot on film not digital, and we wanted to echo that analog feel throughout the film, so we used a film and slide projector effect along with real film burns and overlays to house some of the present day footage of Scarlet.

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HRVY’s guide to good vibes

Avatar - Trey.png

Words by Trey, Creative Director

The LEGO Vidiyo app allows kids to make their own music videos on a fun, safe social platform. But it can be tough to capture the spirit of an app in a launch video, so LEGO and mischief PR hired CiK and pop/Strictly star HRVY to spread the ‘Good Vibes’ that Vidiyo can bring.

More than just a ‘how to’, the video gives kids an insight into HRVY’s creative world, his positivity, and how he connects with other people.

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