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From making a drab location look cinematic, to drawing an engaging performance from a nervous contributor, there is a lot that needs to be done to make an impactful talking heads video. But by understanding your subject, helping to plan and prepare locations, and by building a rapport with contributors, we get the ingredients right for a great video.

We provide the following...

  • Creative development to derive the best format

  • Script writing and editing

  • Location planning and dressing

  • Teleprompter equipment and operation

  • Full in-house production services, including cameras, lighting, sound

  • High calibre in-house directors and crew

  • Full in-house post-production, including video and sound editing, sound design and colour grading

  • Sensitive handling of senior figures

  • Flattering lighting

  • Hair and make-up artists, if requested

  • High end video and sound equipment, for a premium look