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F-Stops and Rock n’ Roll...

We were tasked to create a micro-documentary on the music photographer Scarlet Page. Our creative approach was to make the film as visually and aurally interesting and dynamic as the artists she photographed. We made the film look ‘bar-room-venue gritty’ by using heavy creative postproduction and by shooting the interview  through broken glass and old light bulbs to create texture.

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After the success of our 2020 films for AZ and Mischief PR in driving flu vaccination rates for children, we created a fresh campaign featuring prominent healthcare experts and influencers. In this film they offer parents their top 5 reasons to get your child vaccinated against flu in a friendly, clear and accessible format.

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Alongside Ketchum PR we created some festive sketches with comedian and TikTok sensation Abi Clarke for Samsung at their KX space. Samsung asked us to shoot on their Galaxy 3 Flip phone, which also makes a cameo appearance in this sketch about the types of friends you only catch up with at Christmas.

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Paladin is a platform that facilitates the transition to Electric Vehicles through insights, compliance and guidance for businesses. Paladin’s customer base is vast, spanning multiple sectors and industries, globally.
We created this ‘Paladin in 60 seconds’ video to communicate in a short, sharp yet emotive way who, how and where Paladin can help. The film was created entirely from stock footage so the challenge was to source imagery that felt inspiring and would direct customers to move into the future with Paladin.

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To promote their client's support of the charity Fairshare, Red Consultancy asked us to make a short film about singer Mabel's visit to a community hub in South London. As Mabel was due to appear on Strictly two days after filming, we had 48 hours to edit, mix, grade and get sign-off. A tight one, but we managed it!

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LEGO Group and their UK PR Agency Mischief asked us to make a film that showcased the innovation and creativity of children, so we put out a search for kids with big ideas. We found an amazing 8-year-old called Amelie who, with the help of Alesha Dixon, designed and built something truly amazing for her granny...

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When FairFX launched the new 'Linked Cards' feature of their currency cards, they turned to CiK to create a clear and concise explainer video.

From designing and script-writing to voice-over casting and animating, we managed the production end-to-end, creating a film that, in the client's words, was 'exactly what we were looking for and we can't wait to share it far and wide.