New Interactive Live Stream Video Communications Service

Taking you seamlessly and securely through the whole process of live streaming, whether you are streaming an AGM, results presentation or company event.


  • Mass communication made easy
  • Virtually unlimited audience (1 million plus)
  • Interactivity - message boards, live questions, live polling available
  • Secure
  • Individual team with real people that you meet and look after you
  • Easy

Suggested Usages:

  • Full Year / Annual Results
  • AGM
  • Annual Report Presentation
  • CEO Address
  • Product Launch
  • Important Meeting

We provide:

  • Pre-production and planning in advance of the event with your dedicated CiK team
  • Consultation on the message and filming style to make it as authentic and effective as possible for you
  • Secure global streaming to a website, app or social media channel
  • All cameras, sound, kit and crew to film your address / meeting / event / launch
  • Customers, employees, and shareholders can watch on any device, including desktops, tablets, mobile devices
  • Archived streams for future watching
  • Data analytics to provide viewer insights across platforms (including unique views, views by country and when the audience are turning off)
  • CRM integration and event follow up marketing campaigns


Content is King / ABB Streaming Case Study

In January 2018 ABB collaborated with and became the title sponsor for the Formula-E Championship. They were putting together a launch event in London to announce the news.


ABB’s collaborators at Formula E were going to stream the launch event on their facebook and youtube channels but some parts of the global ABB workforce (including in China) were unable to access these platforms.

ABB wanted their whole workforce to be able to watch the stream live should they wish.

The solution

Using a small on-site 4 person team of Director, Camera Operator, Sound Operator and Producer, CiK worked alongside the existing film crews in place to provide an additional live stream which could be accessed around the world.

This was tested alongside the ABB digital team. Appropriate holding cards / branding and a URL were created ensuring brand guidelines were adhered too.

The event itself went well and the stream had a total of 10,971 unique views. We know that the stream wasn’t banned in China but their firewall prevented us from accessing any figures on this occasion.

How can we help you?

To discuss your next streaming project with Content is King, please contact Becky Wainewright-Smith (Director of Client Happiness) on: or 07779 728941.