The Centre for London

Stakeholder Communications

When Centre for London wanted to create an engaging film bringing to life research for an event at The Royal Academy of Arts, they came to CiK…

The challenge

To create a film celebrating London’s cultural and economic achievements and future opportunities, based on ‘The London Recipe: How Systems and Empathy Make a City’ – a book by Charles Leadbeater (journalist and former adviser to Tony Blair).

The film needed to explore the results of focus groups on how Londoners experience their city – and how it could be made to work better for them - while also bringing to life the sheer diversity and human element of the city.

The solution

A beautifully crafted film featuring London leaders, Charles Leadbeaters’ voiceover and footage bringing to life the diversity and infrastructure of London.

The film provided a backdrop for a unique discussion and reception at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Client feedback

“Thanks for everything on the film. It looks great and I’m sure you’re all proud of it.”

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