Rio Tinto

Investor Relations

When Rio Tinto’s Principal adviser, Corporate and Investor Brand wanted to create a polished AGM film, they came to CiK…

The challenge

To create an attention-grabbing film that would announce Rio Tinto’s vision for the future at their 2015 AGM.

The solution

Content is King explored Rio Tinto’s archives to select the most appropriate footage, then created a brand-new motion graphics approach to integrate everything together.

This included writing and recording a voiceover to seamlessly communicate the key messages, along with a bespoke music score to invoke an appropriate sense of scale and achievement.

Client feedback

“Thank you all so much for all your hard work in making our AGM video. You’ve all done an amazing job weaving together all the existing video footage from around the Group, to make a film that looks fresh and new - it’s been much commented on. Thank you also for your diligence and flexibility in working through all our feedback on every round of development - quite a challenge!”

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