B2B Marketing

When Barclays wanted to launch a new business proposition, they came to CiK…

The challenge

To create a film that explained Barclays’ new ‘Beyond Benefits’ proposition to their business customers.

As a major new division of the bank, the film needed to explain the full benefits of this flexible employee benefits package clearly and concisely.

The film also needed to match the look and feel of the wider ‘Beyond Benefits’ marketing materials which had already been produced.

The solution

Featuring actors to represent the different generations in today’s workforce, Content is King combined live action and motion graphics to walk the audience through the new range of products and services on offer.

The creation of a virtual CGI interface allowed the actors to explore the Barclays offering relevant to their generational needs.

Client feedback

“Thanks again for a great job on the video. It made a huge difference to our campaign launch and all concerned have given great feedback.”

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